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Meet Tim Sallé

Tim Sallé is no stranger to hard work. He painted his way through college—taking side jobs and working whenever and wherever possible. After graduation, he took a job at an accounting firm, and felt he had found his career.

Over the years, though, the desk life of an accountant became less appealing. Tim wanted to do more—to take full ownership of his work—and actively apply himself to his trade. Accounting just wasn't fitting the bill. 

Recalling his success from college, Tim decided it was time to go in a new direction. He returned to his days as a painter and began turning what was once a side job into a full venture.

Today, Tim Sallé has gone from a self-employed operation, to a full-scale painting fleet—working on residential and commercial painting projects across the Upstate. He's passionate about his work and takes pride in every job. 

Tim at his youngest daughter's wedding.

Tim at his youngest daughter's wedding.